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You Can't Handle the D!

D town, Motor City, Motown, Hockey town and even Day-twah(French pronunciation) are nicknames of Detroit.

It is also a place I love and a place I share God’s Word. Let me be frank, if you’re interested in church planting, you probably can’t or don’t want to handle Detroit.

Detroit added a new name lately and that name is Bankruptcy. We are the largest city in the US to ever file for chapter 9 bankruptcy. We have enough empty space in Detroit city limits that the entire city of Paris could fit. Abandon buildings and lost jobs are all over the news.

You had me at hello.....

is the line from a popular movie and I know if you are still reading in the third paragraph, you must be wondering why is he being so negative about his city? Why start with the negatives? Tell me nice things about Detroit.

Detroit is a place that is hurting. Jokes have been made at Detroit’s expense like, “The last one out of Detroit, turn off the lights”. Well, they have turned off the lights and the people of Detroit are walking in darkness. Where is light needed most? It is where it is the darkest. Detroit is a city that is hurting and is crying out for the light of the Gospel.

I love playing Monopoly!

You grab property when it is cheap and build your empire and rule the game. The immature player buys Boardwalk and Park place. The best time to move is when you can get property for pennies on the dollar. Recently Dan Gilbert owner of Quicken Loans moved his headquarters to Detroit and bought up amazing buildings for “dirt” cheap.

What can we know about God and the Gospel?

  1. He loves to make broken people whole. –Detroit
  2. He sends his Son to a poor carpenter and a poor virgin to be born in a poor animal hospital(stable) –Detroit
  3. He summarizes his ministry in Matt. 11 this way: “Go and report to John what you hear and see: the blind see, the lame walk, those with skin diseases are healed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the poor are told the good news. And if anyone is not offended because of Me, he is blessed.”

What needs to be done in Detroit?

  1. Pray, NAMB’s 10:2 is a great way to pray to the Lord of the harvest especially for Detroit.
  2. Partner, We need strong healthy churches to partner with Send Detroit. It is hard and it is up north were Yankees live but now the “clarion call” for Detroit.
  3. Come, Do a vision tour. Send a mission team.
  4. Can you handle the D? I know I can’t and you can’t but I know Someone who can through you and me!

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